Who is 3Vimensional?

Hi, I’m Valencia! I am a native Georgia Peach and cat mom (who also loves dogs and other furry critters too) with a passion for helping animals and people. For as long as I can remember, family, friends, coworkers, and complete strangers have approached me and sought my advice on how to deal with difficult or painful issues in their lives, or for words of encouragement and inspiration. Whatever their need may be, one thing that always rang true at the end of our conversation was that they left feeling better than they did before.

It took many years of trials and tribulation before I got to the point of realizing that the more I healed, the more I found my truth (I’m still finding out new things everyday). And the more I found my truth, the more I began to live my truth; and by learning and living my truth, the more I could help others find and live theirs.

From repairing my personal relationships, and discovering and healing my childhood traumas, to learning self-love and learning to create boundaries to reinforce that self-love, my own journey to healing has equipped me to help others who have experienced pain, trauma, and brokenness in their lives. As a coach and mentor I can help you embark upon your own journey to healing. I’m here to help you “get lifted”!

Are you ready to “Get lifted!”?

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