Lift Line

When you need to Get Lifted!

Everybody needs someone to talk to…

When the stress, trials, and tribulations of life get you down, call the Lift Line to “Get Lifted” with a shot of encouragement & support, or for a listening ear if you just need to talk to someone.

Can we talk?

Maybe it’s just “one of those days” and you just need to talk or add a little dose of positivity to get you through the day; you need a shot of encouragement, motivation, or support before that big meeting or presentation – or before a big decision or difficult conversation; maybe afterwards you want to follow up on how it went or share the good (or not so good) news… Whatever the case may be, if you need to talk, we’re here to listen!

*Sessions can be scheduled at any time according to availability.

*While The Lift Line’s aim is to provide encouragement and motivation to help elevate your current mood and state of being, we do not provide medical assistance, care, or diagnoses. If you or someone you know needs help finding the proper assistance for more serious needs concerning mental health and related issues click here.

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